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Dräger Safety Wash (5L canister)

Dräger Safety Wash (5L canister)

  • £21.25

Dräger Safety Wash (5L canister)

This Safetywash is a disinfectant form Dräger Safety and is a complimentary accessory for a wide range of full face masks and emergency escape breathing devices. This particular version of the Safetywash is a refill option for 5 litres. 

Use this disinfectant as part of routine maintenance for your breathing apparatus and help keep it clean. Dräger Safety recommends using this Safetywash with full face mask range – the Panorama Nova.

The Safetywash is also suitable for the Drager Saver CF range, the Dräger Saver PP family of emergency escape breathing devices and also the carrying frame of the Dräger PAS AirPack 1 long duration breathing apparatus set. 

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