Dräger PAS Colt 3 Litre 200 bar with Airline belt manifold EN139/EN402

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Dräger PAS Colt 3 Litre 200 bar with Airline belt manifold EN139/EN402

Unique and Sophisticated
The Dräger PAS Colt is an emergency escape device with a unique, sophisticated harness design which retains its form. The PAS Colt combines versatility, ease of use and the latest designs in breathing apparatus to make it one of the most technologically advanced short duration and emergency escape units available. This makes it easy for the equipment to be donned quickly and simply. It is a hip-mounted unit and has a unique €Ëdrop down€„¢ feature where the cylinder is able to be un-clipped from the waist belt.

This makes the PAS Colt an ideal device for use in confined space entry applications. Other applications and environments range of chemical spills and decontamination operations to routine maintenance tasks. Depending on the requirements of the operation, this unit has been fully approved for use in applications requiring; short duration entry units, airline emergency escape breathing apparatus or dual function.

High Resistance to Abrasion and Heat
The anti-static material which makes up the harness is inert to chemicals and oil, and resistant to most acids and alkalis. This new harness meets the requirements of EN137 heat and flame resistance and benefits from a high resistance to abrasion and heat.

High-Tech Materials
The anti-static material was also chosen due to its flexibility and ability to retain its shape and form, through a wide range of temperatures. Other key features of the material which make it ideal for use in extreme temperatures include durability, ease of cleaning, resilience and also strength.
The buckles of the unit can be easily located (even when wearing gloves) and quickly adjusted. This can be done by following the contours of the unit so as to reduce the risk of snagging.

Short Duration Entry Unit (EN137)
Located at the waist, short duration entry unit (EN137) gauge and high pressure whistle warning units, sounding at 55 bars enable easy and regular checking during operation.

Airline Emergency Escape (EN402) or Escape unit with Airline belt manifold (EN402 / EN139)
When used independently or in conjunction with Dräger's PAS AirPack 1 or 2 Airline systems, for airline emergency escape breathing apparatus (EN402), or dual function (EN139). The pressure indicator is integrated into the cylinder valve to allow for easy periodical inspection.

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