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Dräger Oxyboks K25

Dräger Oxyboks K25

  • £770.18

Dräger Oxyboks K25

The Dräger Oxyboks K 25 is a self-rescuer designed for use in difficult working conditions such as the mining industry. It will allow you up to 25 minutes of respiratory protection to self-rescue.

This type of self-rescuer is ideal for protection from the unexpected presence of toxic gases or in an oxygen-deficient environment. 

Oxygen supply will be provided immediately upon donning of the self-rescuer due to the integrated starter cartridge. The casing of the Oxyboks K 25 is made of reinforced steel, which offers increased robustness.


  • It is able to be belt-mounted and can sit comfortably on the hip.
  • Can be easily opened and donned and can be worn with other safety equipment.
  • Coloured service indicator can determine the readiness for use.
  • No need for maintenance for 10 years (on correctly stored devices)

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