Dräger Oil Impactor 0.1 -1.0 mg/m3

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Dräger Oil Impactor (0.1 - 1.0 mg/m3)

The Oil Impactor from Drager Safety is used for the measurement of oil mist and must be used in conjunction with the adapter (not included).

The oil impact is part of a range of Aerotest Tubes, suitable for use with the Drager Aerotest Simultan for High Pressure and the Aerotest Alpha for low pressure.

Application Range:

Standard Measuring Range:

0.1 mg/m3,

0.5 mg/m3,

1.0 mg/m3

Oil mist
(Oil Aerosols)

Detection Time:
0.05 mg/m3 Oil mist
Test Volume: 20L
Flow Rate: 4L/min
Time for Measurement: 5 min

Ambient Operating Conditions:

Temperature: 10 to 30 °C
Absolute Humidity Max. 60% r. h.
Pressure: The tube may only be used for unstressed compressed air.

Reaction Principle:

  • The impactor is used to vertically guide compressed air through onto a cut glass baffle plate
  • 90 ° re-direction of the air flow in the Impactor separates the oil aerosols
  • High intertia of the aerosols will cause the aerosol to flow directly onto the glass plate
  • The recesses are then filled with the oil aerosols and the light dispersed by the glass grinding is compensated

Cross Sensitivity:

  • The measurement result is not dependent on the oil grade
  • Oil aerosols evaporate at a high temperature and oil vapour is not displayed

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