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Dräger Mask Carrying Bag

Dräger Mask Carrying Bag

  • £31.28

Dräger Mask Carrying Bag

This mask carrying bag is a spare part for various respiratory protection masks and compressed air breathing apparatus sets from Dräger Safety.

The mask bag is made from polyamide which is a nylon-type material. The bag comes in the colour black and features the Dräger logo on the front. The bag is ideal for transporting your mask with your kit to and from jobs. It may also provide the mask with extra protection and save the visor from any potential surface damage.

The Panorama Nova is just one of the masks that can be used with the Dräger mask carrying back. This is a full face mask and can also be used as part of a compressed air breathing apparatus kit such as the PSS 3000 SCBA kit.

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