Dräger HPS 7000 PRO Head Protection, Size 1, Bright Yellow (RAL 1026)

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Dräger HPS 7000 PRO Head Protection, Size 1, Bright Yellow (RAL 1026)

Fitted with front plate in helmet colour

Despite its low weight, the Dräger HPS 7000 firefighting helmet is one of the safest full-shell helmets in its class. Its outer shell of composite material in combination with the PUR inner shell provides reliable protection against thermal and mechanical influences. The plastic reinforced with fibreglass and aramid webbing resists extreme temperatures. It is even able to withstand the enormous radiation caused by the heat and flame engulfment of a flash over. The visors, made of high-temperature-resistant polyether sulphone, reliably protect your eyes and face against high heat, particles and liquid chemicals.

Firefighting helmet with tailor-made fit for every head

To meet this requirement, Dräger developed the HPS®7000 firefighting helmet in close cooperation with customers worldwide. Two helmet shells for head sizes from 50 to 66 cm cover a wide range of individual head and face shapes. With a weight of approx. 1,380 g in the basic version, it is one of the lightest helmets in its class. In addition to its comfortable interior fitting made of skin-friendly, anti-allergic and flexible materials, the Dräger HPS 7000 stands out with its high level of operating and wearing comfort.

Comfort is a matter of position

The padded 4-point harness allows for safe and easy adjustment to any head shape. The optimum balance of the firefighting helmet can be adjusted individually in the neck and chin area. The padding made of Nomex®also ensures a comfortable fit. The integrated comfort hairnet enables the height to be adjusted and assures a good climate inside the helmet. During operation, the head size can be adjusted quickly via an easy-to-operate size-adjustment wheel with a safety mechanism on the outer shell, even with wet and thick gloves.

Design at its strongest

The ergonomic firefighting helmet design evenly distributes the weight to the head and relieves the neck muscles. The large and modern facial protection visor offers unrestricted protection with best visibility. For operations under chemical protective suits, the visor can be fixed permanently. A safe alternative is provided by the integrated and individually adjustable protective goggles with an integrated soft-pad edge protection. Both visors leave enough space for the simultaneous use of corrective glasses or respiratory masks. A firefighter’s helmet is more than a mere piece of equipment – it serves as a personal distinguishing feature. Therefore, you can configure the helmet according to your wishes: select from a variety of colours and also pick an individual emblem for your front plate.

Innovative system design

As a provider of integrated system solutions, Dräger sets new standards for the interaction of its products. The universally and individually adjustable mask connection system of the Dräger HPS 7000 creates a strong and safe helmet-mask combination. The full-face mask FPS 7000, the integrated mask communication units Dräger FPS-COM 5000 or FPS-COM 7000 and the SCBA of the PSS series allow you to optimally configure the overall system. The lightweight LED helmet lamp is integrated into the helmet shell and illuminates the whole working area. It is located in the centre of the front plate and has an effective glare shield as well as an intelligent battery management system. The interior fitting can be equipped with various audio/speech headsets for different radios. This ensures reliable communication even in loud environments.

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