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Dräger FPS 7730 L2-PC-CR

Dräger FPS 7730 L2-PC-CR

  • £263.89

Dräger FPS 7730 L2-PC-CR

Protect yourself from a range of toxic gases and vapours with the FPS 7000 full face mask from Drager Safety. This mask has a plug-in connection and can be used with compressed-air breathing equipment. It comes in a size large.

This Drager full face mask also comes with a dermatologically tested mask body made from EPDM. The mask body is designed to be a comfortable fit which is also supported by the double sealing line of the mask and the head harness.

The head harness has a 5-point connection which means the mask has a large contact surface area at the back of the head or helmet. The head harness on the FPS 7000 has been ergonomically designed and means the mask can be quickly donned and doffed when required.


  • Robust PC visor offers a wide field of unrestricted vision
  • Great air circulation in the mask means the visor does not mist
  • Able to be used with the Drager FPS-COM system for great communication
  • Flexible and easy to maintain due to a wide range of spare parts available
  • Combine with HPS helmet range using Q-Fix connections

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