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    Dräger FPS 7000 RP-EPDM-S1-Pcas-CR

    Dräger FPS 7000 RP-EPDM-S1-Pcas-CR

    • £377.07

    Dräger FPS 7000 RP-EPDM-S1-Pcas-CR

    Dräger offer the FPS 7000 full face mask to combine with the PSS BG4 closed circuit breathing apparatus.

    This particular version features an RP connection (suitable for connection to CCBA), comes in a size small and has a polycarbonate lens with an anti-scratch coating. The mask body is made from a material called EPDM. 

    This type of mask is ideal for use in tunnels and subway shafts, namely places where a dangerous situation is faced by professions such as mine rescue and fire fighters. The FPS 7000 is a suitable mask for these environments. The EPDM mask body makes for a comfortable fit and the large visor enhances the user’s vision.

    Other benefits of the FPS 7000 include an ergonomic harness, the ability to connect with Dräger Safety head protection and also its compatibility with a huge range of spare parts.


    • Great fit to the head and face
    • Head harness features a 5 point connection with a large surface area
    • Ability to connect to integrated communication system

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