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    Dräger FPS 7000 M2-PC-CR

    Dräger FPS 7000 M2-PC-CR

    • £290.73

    Dräger FPS 7000 M2-PC-CR

    Combine the FPS 7000 full face mask with other Dräger compressed breathing apparatus with an ESA (standard) plug-in connector. This particular mask also comes in a size medium and has a tough polycarbonate visor.

    One of the great advantages of wearing the FPS 7000 full face mask is the unrestricted view it provides. This is enhanced by the well thought-out air circulation system inside the mask which prevents the visor from misting up. 

    Dräger have designed this full face mask to be useful in hazardous situations and give wearers confidence that the mask will give them the best protection possible. The double sealing line around the mask helps with this and ensures the FPS 7000 suits all face shapes and contours.


    • 5-point head harness makes the mask easy to don and doff
    • Couple with the FPS-COM systems for effective communication
    • Economical and maintainable due to the wide range of spare parts available
    • Easy to service
    • Can be worn alongside the Dräger HPS helmet range

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