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Dräger FPS 7000 ESA PCAS (M2) BS8464-1

Dräger FPS 7000 ESA PCAS (M2) BS8464-1

  • £326.88

Dräger FPS 7000 ESA PCAS (M2) BS8464-1

The Dräger FPS 7000 full-face mask series sets new standards in terms of safety and wearing comfort. Thanks to its newly designed ergonomics and the availability of multiple sizes, it offers a large, optimized field of vision and a very comfortable, secure fit.

Field of vision and mask body 

The new full-face mask Dräger FPS 7000 has a large distortion-free polycarbonate visor, which provides you with an exceptional wide field of vision, even in difficult situations.
The visor does not mist due to a well thought-out air circulation and is available with different coatings. The mask body made of either hypoallergenic Silicone or EPDM provides an especially comfortable fit. 


The full-face mask Dräger FPS 7000 has an outstanding head and face fit. The ergonomic head harness and the double sealing line ensure a secure and comfortable fit on all face shapes and contours. The head harness of the Dräger FPS 7000 also ensures that the mask can be donned and doffed easily and quickly. 

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