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Dräger Aerotest Simultan HP Kit

Dräger Aerotest Simultan HP Kit

  • £2,790.74

The Aerotest Simultan can be used alongside the Dräger Oil Impactor to check the quality of breathing air from a compressor or a compressed air cylinder. The Oil Impactor is designed to detect oil aerosols in compressed air in a system that enables the measurement of synthetic oils independent of oil type and viscosity.

In this kit there are the following;

  • a pressure reducer with manual connection (1x)
  • measuring device for 4 tubes (1x)
  • adapter Impactor (1X)
  • adapter (2X)
  • bubble test hose (1X)
  • package of 5 sinter filters (1X)
  • break-off device for tubes (1x)
  • Timer (1x)
  • instructions for use (1x)
  • transport case (1x)
  • tubes for carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and water vapour plus oil impactor (packs of 10 of each)


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