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    Dräger 990 B1E1P2 R D

    Dräger 990 B1E1P2 R D

    • £288.40

    Dräger 990 B1E1P2 R D

    The X-plore Rd90 Combination filter range can protect in a range of industries including the automobile industry and shipbuilding. This filter specifically protects against inorganice gases and vapours such as chlorine, certain levels of hydrogen sulphide and hydrogen cyanide. It also protects against sulphur dioxide, hydrogen chloride and class 2 particulates.

    Class 2 filters are 94% efficient in filtering out particulates.

    Dräger's Rd90 filter range is cost-effective and comes individually packaged to ensure the optimal protection when they are eventually used.


    Please Note: This product comes in a pack containing 5 pieces.

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