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Dräger 990 B1E1

Dräger 990 B1E1

  • £39.10

Dräger 990 B1E1

Dräger 990 X-plore B1E1 filters protect against inorganic gases and vapours such as hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen cyanide and chlorine. It also protects against certain levels of sulphur dioxide and hydrogen chloride. Please note that this filter is a gas filter only and does not protect against particulates.

This particular filter has a Dräger-specific connection, which is 91mm in diameter. The connection means the filters can only be used with the X-plore 4390 and 4790 range of half masks. The only way in which Dräger Rd90 filters can be used with EN 148-1 masks is through the use of the Dräger Rd40/90 adapter.

Please Note: One pack contains 5 filters.

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