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The ideal protective suit for simple tasks. The coverall offers optimal protection against ultrafine dusts and powders, many concentrated inorganic acids and alkalis and is especially resistant against a broad range of organic chemicals in liquid form. The one-piece overalls are available in two different materials (CPM and CLF). The ends of the hood, sleeves and legs are fitted with an elastic band and a thumb loop. The zip runs along the centre of the front and it is fitted with two cover panels.

- EN 14605 (Type 3 and 4)
- EN ISO 13982-1 (Type 5)
- EN 13034 (Type 6)
- EN 1073-2
- EN 1149
- EN 14126
- SOLAS II-2, Reg. 19 (pending).

The Dräger CVA 0700 and SPC 3700 are designed for industrial applications and provide comfortable and reliable respiratory and body protection. With features such as the patented safe-flow reducer and auto-test function, wearers can enjoy greater operating convenience, safety and flexibility. The limited use suit SPC 3700 is extremely light weight and provides protection against various liquids and dust hazards. The easy to use cooling vest CVA 0700 provides breathing air to the wearer whilst providing additional cooling air to the torso for ultimate comfort. The system constantly ventilated protective suit with a compressed airline apparatus consists of different system components which must to be ordered separately.

A complete system consists of at least:
- Protective suit SPC 3700
- Cooling vest CVA 0700
- Air supply vest
- Air supply manifold and waistbelt
- Connecting hose

Optional additional system components are:
- PAS MAC compressors
- MAV 1200
- PAS Airline hoses
- PAS Filter (for use with customer’s own external air supply)

All versions are supplied as standard with the Dräger CEJN input connector.
Other input connectors are available on request.

Approvals Protective Suit SPC 3700:
- EN 14605 (EU-requirements for protective clothing type 3 and 4)
- EN 1149-1 (EU-requirements for protective clothing – electrostatic properties)
- EN 14126 (EU-requirements for protective clothing against infectious agents)
- EN 1073-1 (EU-requirements for protective clothing against radioactive contamination)
- EN 14594 (EU-requirements for respiratory protective devices and continuous
flow compressed airline breathing apparatuses)
System Approval Protective Suit SPC 3700 combined with Cooling Vest CVA 0700:
- EN 14594 (EU-requirements for respiratory protective devices and continuous
flow compressed airline breathing apparatuses)

The suits are available in the following sizes:

  • - Small (R58765): for a body height from 162 cm up to 170 cm
  • - M (R58766): for a body height from 168 cm up to 176 cm
  • - L (R58767): for a body height from 174 cm up to 182 cm
  • - XL (R58768): for a body height from 180 cm up to 188 cm
  • - XXL (R58769): for a body height from 186 cm up to 194 cm
  • - XXXL (R58770): for a body height from 192 cm up to 200 cm

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