Honeywell BW Flex

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Showing 1 - 24 of 31 products
Honeywell IR connectivity kit for Safety Suite software
GA-NS-1 Honeywell Neck strap with safety release
GA-LY-1 Honeywell Short strap (6 in. / 15.2 cm)
GA-ES-1 Honeywell Extension strap (4 ft. / 1.2 m)
GA-CH-2 Honeywell Chest harness
GA-CH-2 Honeywell Chest harness
Sale price£111.00
CP-BAT Honeywell
SR-M1-1S Honeywell Replacement CO sensor, 1 Series
SR-H1-1S Honeywell Replacement H2S sensor, 1 Series
SR-DUMM-1S Honeywell BW Replacement Dummy sensor, 1 Series
DX-NEST-CP Honeywell IntelliDox nest - BW IC
SR-X1-1S Honeywell Replacement O2 sensor, 1 Series
SR-W5-1S Honeywell BW Replacement LEL IR sensor, i-Series
CP-VM-1 Honeywell Replacement vibration motor
SR-S3-1S Honeywell BW Replacement SO2 sensor, 1 Series
CP-SS-AF-K1 Honeywell
CP-SCREW-K1 Honeywell

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